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Why You Should Become a Locum Doctor

Why You Should Become a Locum DoctorThere are many benefits to becoming a locum doctor, whether you have just started out in your career or if you are a more experienced individual who is looking for more of a work/ life balance, locum work could be the answer to your solution.

Here are some reasons why you should become a locum doctor:

Get a taste of different working environments

Like many people who enjoy a range of different working environments during their careers, doctors are no exception. Junior doctors spend so much time studying and training that they want to get a taste for what it’s like to work in different places with different people before settling into a permanent role.


Many doctors find their personal circumstances change at different points in their career, which can mean that a full-time permanent doctor job is no longer practical.
This is where locum doctor work can become an attractive option as it provides flexibility allowing doctors to tailor their working hours to other commitments.
Here are just some of the possibilities on how locum doctor roles can benefit you:

  • Take holidays throughout the year or around school holidays
  • Work between different countries and locations in the UK
  • Balance doctor work with another career or holiday
  • Spend more time with family
  • Make more time to study for exams
  • Ease you way into semi-retirement

Get a taste of different working environments

There can be a huge disparity between working life in a small community hospital and a large general hospital, just as there can be between different locations. For junior doctors, after many years studying and training, locum jobs can give you the option to take a break from continuous employment to sample different hospitals and environments before you commit to a permanent role.

Explore career options

It’s very easy for doctors to slip into a routine of specialising in one industry for the rest of their career without diving into the ocean to check out other specialities and skills they can learn.

By taking on a locum vacancy, doctors have the option to work in a range of different environments and specialities which also looks good on their CV to potential employers; if or when they decide the time has come to commit to a particular career path.

Locum positions can also lead to specialist training posts, which count towards specialist training for the relevant college or faculty.

Financial Benefits

One of the most attractive benefits to becoming a locum doctor is that they get paid higher than they would it they secured a permanent role.

Never be short of work

With the NHS crying out for medical professionals there is never a shortage in medical locum jobs available. By registering with us, you can discuss your requirements with a consultant who will be able to find a suitable position for you.

If becoming a Locum Doctor sounds appealing to you, get in touch with Cromwell Medical Staffing today on 03330 437 101 to discuss your options and our current locum doctor opportunities.

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