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Interview with Natasha Johnson, Account Manager

Natasha JohnsonHow long have you worked for Cromwell Medical?
I have been working at Cromwell Medical for a year and a half now. My current role is Account Manager having joined the company as a Trainee Consultant.

What do you love about your job?
I love that every day is different and you are constantly learning, speaking with nurses and developing relationships with them. Finding a solution to a problem and making our nurses happy is always rewarding in this job!

What region do you cover?
I cover central and north west London, supplying all specialities including A&E, Paediatric, ITU and RGN. Cromwell Medical supplies to a large pool of hospitals around the country and can therefore provide a wide range of options for nurses to choose from.

Describe the relationship you have with our nurses.
My nurses are my family. I have cried with them when they have lost family members and celebrated when there have been additions to their family. The most rewarding part of this job is the unique relationships I have built with my nurses. Every day I go home with a new story about how a nurse has made me laugh or brought a smile to my face. I have a lot of respect for nurses as it really takes a special kind of person to look after a stranger as if they were a family member.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming an agency nurse?
Working with an agency is all about working together and being flexible to ensure the wellbeing of the patients and nurses. Trust is a big factor and it’s a two way relationship. The bond formed between the nurse and consultant is priceless. As I said earlier, it really can feel as if you’ve acquired a new family member.

What sets Cromwell apart from other agencies?
Our Head of Nursing is a great asset to the company. Having worked within the NHS for many years she is able to understand every aspect; from the candidate’s perspective to that of the client also. She is always available to help in matters where perhaps a consultant does not have the relevant experience or understanding, which allows us to provide an even better service for our nurses.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to both clients and nurses. I think our mentality is what sets us apart from other nursing agencies, as we truly believe the most important factor is making sure that our clients and nurses are happy. By joining Cromwell Medical you will not only form a professional bond with your consultant but a personal one too.


To find out more about temporary nursing agency positions available call Cromwell Medical Staffing today on 0845 460 1748 and you could be starting your new nursing position tomorrow!

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