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Who is Edith Cavell? Our tribute an exemplary nurse
Edith Cavell was an English nurse who is commemorated for providing care without any discrimination to soldiers from both Allied and German... (read here)


A Day in the Life of a Paramedic
We delve into the daily life of a paramedic – to see just what it takes to make sure first response is available when people need it... (read here)


How To Reduce Burnout When Working in A&E
We look at six ways to reduce, and even avoid breaking down in high-stress environments... (read here)


A Day in the Life of a Flying Bush Doctor
We take a look at an ‘ordinary’ day in a flying bush doctor’s life... (read here)


How to Submit Your Cromwell Medical Timesheet
To ensure you are paid correctly and on time every week here are a few things which would help us to get you paid... (read here)


5 Powerful Medical Documentaries You Should Watch
If you haven’t seen them already, here is a selection of must watch medical programmes that could teach us a lot... (read here)


Interview with Natasha Johnson, Account Manager
We speak to one of our Account Managers, Natasha Johnson, to find out why she enjoys building relationships with our nurses... (read here)


What Do Patients Want From Nurses?
If you have ever been a patient in hospital, you will understand that what is important to the patient can differ from the priorities of the nurse... (read here)


Cromwell Medical Payment Options
We operate a weekly payroll and have plans to go daily by next year. Whichever way you choose to receive your salary, we want to make it as simple as possible... (read here)


How To Deal With Stressful and Tiring Shifts
As an agency nurse you often fill gaps due to permanent staff being sick and in some cases this may be due to stress-related illness... (read here)


Interview with Alex Hashash, Team Leader
We interview one of our own, Team Leader Alex Hashash, on what his job entails and how he has built great relationships with many of our nurses... (read here)


Writing That CV For a Career in the Medical Profession
Here are some tips on how to write your CV that will unlock the key to your future by convincing prospective employers of your expertise for a career in the medical...(read more


Top Benefits of Agency Nursing Positions
Temporary nursing offers lots of benefits for qualified nurses looking for flexibility within their work and a good pay packet....(read more)


Why You Should Become a Locum Doctor
There are many benefits to becoming a Locum Doctor, whether you have just started out in your career or...(read more)


The Role of a Health Visitor
Have you ever considered a career as a health visitor? If the answer is yes, here is some advice on how you can achieve your dream career...(read more)


Answering Those Tricky Interview Questions
For many of us attending interviews can be a nerve-racking time being thrown into the great unknown. Although every company structures interviews differently, there are some questions that are quite common across the board...(read more)


Choosing The Right Nursing Career For You
Once you’ve decided that a career in the medical professional is the right path, you are then faced with the important decision on choosing the right nursing career for you...(read more)


Tips on How to Stay Flu Free This Winter
It’s that time of the year again where many of us are starting to prepare for the festive season, but there are some very real risks that can come along with winter...(read more)


New Smartphone App for Doctors and Patients and How it Can Benefit You
A successful medical Smartphone app for healthcare professionals to share photos is being rolled out further across Western Europe within the next few weeks....(read more)